KYP offers a papercord restoration service as well as custom corded chairs and stools on a commission basis.

Available to order – contact us to discuss.


Pictured are Fler Dining 64 chair and matching stool – fully restored in our workshop, then re-seated with papercording.  Of course, not every chair is suitable for this treatment, but we have found the Flers to be ideal (as well as being a personal favorite chair).

We hand weave, using triple-twisted cording, made entirely from brown paper – light but astoundingly durable.  The technique utilizes over 100m or cording, 80+ L-nails, and many hours of labour to deliver a strong, supportive and comfortable result.

The papercord dining chair is one of the J.L. Moller Mobelfabrik’s enduring chair-seat solutions, stemming from rubber shortages during WW2.

We are happy to re-cord your tired Moller chair, or to discuss preparation of other dining chairs to order.

Example pricing –

re-weave Moller chair – $380 per chair

restored papercord Fler Dining 64 – $500 per chair